Do you have a depot?

Yes, we do. We have 6 acres with both a heavy and a light lift.

What is the highest net weight you can haul?

Depending on the tare weight of tank/box we can load up to 50,500 lbs of product. Due to limited equipment availability, please inform us of your pending move as early as possible.

Are you able to go into Canada?

Yes, we have equipment that conforms to all Canadian transportation requirements.

Are you a member of the UIIA?

Yes, we are.

Do you have equipment to move two empty 20 ft containers?

Yes. We have two high low combination chassis, which give us the ability to move two empty 20-foot containers or one full 20-foot container.

Do you have any experience working with flexi tanks?

Yes, we do. We can install and remove both top and bottom discharge flexi tanks at our depot in Portland. We also load and deliver them in the Pacific Northwest.