• Complications of Inaccurate Data in Rail Shipping
    One of the most important aspects of shipping by rail is accurate data. Since shipping by rail is heavily reliant on data, inaccuracies can be present numerous challenges. Inaccurate data in rail shipping can result in additional rates and switching charges, less optimized routes, increased time spent preparing shipments, and... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 09-21-2021
  • Canadian National Withdraws Merger Plans with the Kansas City Southern
    The September 12th acceptance of the Canadian Pacific’s (CP) $31 billion merger offer for the Kansas City Southern (KCS) initiated the KCS’ plans to terminate their merger agreement with the Canadian National (CN). The CN was provided five business days to respond to the KCS. During the morning of September... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 09-16-2021
  • Factors That Affect Your Railcar Shipments
    When tracking railcars, there are several components that determine how complex your rail shipping is and how much time is needed to properly monitor your fleet and follow up on problem railcars. These factors can increase or decrease the complexity of your shipments. Streamlining rail operations begins with understanding each... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 08-10-2021
  • Executive Order: Focus on Enhancing Rail Competition
    On July 9, 2021, President Joe Biden released specifics concerning his Executive Order to promote competition within the American economy. Among other concerns, the President’s Executive Order calls for sweeping reform of corporate monopolies in the areas of agriculture, pharmaceuticals, technology, and transportation. The Executive Order consists of 72 initiatives... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 07-14-2021
  • Why Complete Tank Car Qualifications Early in the Year
    Bulk shipping by rail is no easy task. As shippers, whether you lease or own your railcars, they need to be shopped from time to time to complete a scheduled maintenance program or perform the annual qualifications for tank cars. Scheduling tank car qualifications can be problematic, to say the... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 07-13-2021
  • Update on CSX’s Pan Am Railways and Quality Carriers Acquisition
    CSX Transportation has had a busy start to July 2021, particularly, regarding its acquisitions of Pan Am Railways Inc., and Quality Carriers Inc. Since CSX’s announcement regarding their acquisition of the Pan Am Railway (PAR) on November 20, 2020, CSX has had to work through several regulatory obstacles. The US... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 07-08-2021
  • National Industrial Transportation League Statement on the Kansas City Southern Merger
    NITL Statement The National Industrial Transportation League (NITL) is the nation’s oldest and largest freight transportation association. Since 1907, the NITL has represented the shipping public in regulatory matters involving all modes of transportation. It was therefore a given that the Canadian National (CN) and Canadian Pacific (CP) sought the... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 06-29-2021
  • Transloading Equipment Requirements: What to Look for in a Transloading Facility
    Transload facilities load and unload many different types of materials, from canned foods and bulk food products to plastics to chemicals and much more. Each of these materials requires certain transloading equipment to make its way safely and securely from the railcar and onto the next leg of its journey.... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 06-21-2021
  • Canadian Pacific and Canadian National Faceoff for the Kansas City Southern
    (updated May 24th, 2021) Tuesday, April 20th the Canadian National (CN) offered to acquire the Kansas City Southern (KCS) for $33.7 billion, setting the stage for both of Canada’s class I carriers to faceoff for the KCS. Merger Plans One month ago, the CP announced merger plans with the KCS... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 05-24-2021
  • 6 Tips for Maintaining Food Safety in Rail Transit
    Rail is a reliable shipping mode for many different types of materials, including food. Maintaining food safety during this process is essential. Knowing what to look out for and what to expect can help new food shippers maintain food safety and the quality of their products. 6 Tips for Maintaining... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 05-19-2021
  • CSXT Transportation & Quality Carriers Strike a Deal: What Shippers Need to Know
    CSX Corporation announced Wednesday May 12th, that it has signed an agreement with Quality Distribution to acquire bulk liquid chemicals transportation provider Quality Carriers Inc. (QC). No terms of the agreement were released. Headquartered in Tampa, FL, QC operates the largest liquid bulk chemical trucking network in North America. QC’s... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 05-17-2021
  • What is Rail Fuel Surcharge and Why is it Important?
    What is Rail Fuel Surcharge? Simply put, Fuel Surcharge is a tool that was designed for railroads to recover the cost of fuel consumed to move railcars. Fuel Surcharge came about when the cost of fuel increased, and the railroads decided to pass the excess cost onto shippers. The railroads... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 04-21-2021
  • Canadian Pacific & Kansas City Southern Announce Merger Plans
    The Canadian Pacific Railway (CP) and Kansas City Southern (KCS) announced that both Class I carriers have entered into an agreement to merge. The initial conditions of the merger stipulates that the CP will acquire KCS stock amounting to $29 billion and will assume the KCS’s outstanding debt estimated to... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 03-26-2021
  • Railroad Cost Indexes Explained
    The Association of American Railroads (AAR) and the Surface Transportation Board (STB) calculate several indexes to measure inflation, cost increases, and productivity across rail lines. These indexes can be used to measure the health and status of the rail industry.  Some rail contract rates are subject to a railroad cost... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 02-19-2021
  • Rail Industry Update
    As the year 2020 was winding down, we were all quick to look ahead to 2021. Though 2020 had been a trying year, what can we now expect as we move forward?  2020 may have left us with more questions than answers. While we can begin to see the beginning... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 02-01-2021
  • Winter Safety – Preparing Your Rail Served Facility
    Inclement weather will likely challenge all rail customers at some point. With winter weather fast approaching, your rail-served facilities should take measures to prepare for freezing temperatures, sleet, snow, and ice that winter storms will bring. A winter preparedness plan including snow and ice removal will be required throughout the... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 01-05-2021
  • What’s New in OT-57? Everything You Need to Know
    As you may know, the Railinc OT-5 application process has been dismantled and replaced with a new, simpler process, OT-57.  The main difference is that there is no longer an approval process. Railroads will not reject applications due to storage limitations or mechanical specification issues in UMLER.  As long as... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 11-10-2020
  • Rule 11 Railroad Rates Benefit Shippers
    Are the railroads telling you they want Through Rates converted to Rule 11? If so, that’s a good thing. Rule 11 railroad rates can give you better pricing visibility and transparency across your routes. With the right information, preparation, and negotiating strategy, you may be able to reduce your rail... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 10-22-2020
  • 5 Tips for Effectively Negotiating Rail Freight Rates
    Understanding how the railroads price your commodity is a starting point for determining your ability to negotiate rail freight rates. Railroad pricing has been cyclical over the years, fluctuating between public tariffs and private contracts. With the use of differential pricing, the railroads may provide different rates to different shippers... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 10-20-2020
  • 10 Rail Logistics Cost Reduction Strategies
    Reducing logistics spending can be an uphill battle, especially in the railroad industry. Many areas are served by a small number of carriers, or even just a single carrier. Rail logistics cost reduction strategies become even more challenging with limited negotiating power. However, there are ways to negotiate and reduce... Read more
    Source: RSI Logistics Published on 10-13-2020

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